Anyone who has witnessed the consummate talent of Lina Koutrakos recognizes that she is indeed a star -- a persistent Pied Piper presence whose music opens hearts and drives home messages teeming with universal empowerment. It is simply impossible to see this one-in-a-galaxy performer deliver the goods without instilling deep devotion in her mission. It's also pretty fun to sing along with her rich catalog of self-scribed melodic masterpieces, flush with as many hooks as a fishing expedition.

Koutrakos knew she was destined to be a singer as soon as she could form words. While her Greek heritage may root the inherent passion and sensuality with which she approaches her art, being raised in a nomadic military family bore her a mish-mash of cultural influences, which have fostered a bountifully versatile musical palette. Raucous southern rock, oozing blues, diva ballads, tender torch... it's all here and equally authentic, burning the roof off one minute, tenderly caressing the next and then -- mercy -- teasing and tantalizing with a beguiling cock of the brow.

Lina is a commanding lady who has been there and lived that. You want to immerse yourself in her devout drive, to drink in some small taste of this artist's illustrative life's narrative... to reach high into the sky with her and share in the warm glow of a gift from the heavens.

-- Chuck Taylor, Senior Correspondent, Billboard Magazine

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