"Her emotional strength is embedded in singing that has a defiant rock edge. Ms. Koutrakos resembles Patti LuPone in certain vocal mannerisms and a two-fisted dramatic approach."



"At the famed Bottom Line, she stunned the packed room to a hush and outsang a number of nationally known contemporaries. The power of Koutrakos' voice is testimony enough, with a soul-nurtured, robust timbre that hints at both time-worn worldliness and a gracious, positive outlook... this singer is a treasure."



"Koutrakos burns a song into your consciousness like a vocal laser beam. Her big, sexy smoky voice carries emotional impact and explodes with wild energy."

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"Koutrakos started off in cabaret but her driving intensity gives her genuine blues/rock credibility: a cross between an earth mother and an earthquake."

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"Koutrakos is like a smoky volcano of passion, when she erupts it's as if all her raw emotions come roaring from her very core"